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Stop 4: The Monument to Spain

Agustín Querol Subirats was the Catalan sculptor who designed the Spanish Monument.

Stop 4: The Monument to Spain

The monument was almost finished in 1914 but the bronze sculptures representing the four regions of Argentina were on a ship that sank and that was one of the main factors that caused a delay in the inauguration of the monument that finally happened in 1926.
Majestic is the female figure that tops the white marble monument and overlooks the surrounding space. It’s accompanied by figures symbolizing industry, agriculture, commerce, peace, and justice. Particular of Querol Subirats’ statues is the presence of classical and angelic figures that certainly are not missing in this monument either.

The monument aims to represent the greatest gift, according to Spanish, Argentina received from them: its Hispanic tradition. The fundamental objective behind the donation of this monument was to inspire a united future for Argentinians and Spanish but also to encourage a stronger sense of community among Spanish in Argentina.

This objective was reflected in the language of a common stock used in text carved on three sides of the monument: “from a common stock – a common language – their destinies great”, but also in the presence of the representations of the four regions of Argentina (La Pampa, El Chaco, El Río de la Plata, and Los Andes).

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